Preparation for Roach Service:

  1. Completely empty all kitchen and bathroom cabinets.
  2. If roaches seen in bedroom, empty chest of drawers, dresser drawers, and closet shelves.
  3. Pile things on tables, couches, etc, or in middle of floor (not against baseboards). Cover completely with sheets, blankets, etc..
  4. Wipe down cabinet shelves, counter tops, etc. before treatment.
  5. Clean stove tops (lift and clean undersides of top) and exhaust fumes.
  6. Pull out refrigerator and clean back, bottom and floors.
  7. If anyone has respiratory problems or is pregnant, we suggest checking with your doctor first.
  8. Make arrangements for people and pets to be out of the residence for 1-2 hours or until the material is dry.
  9. Upon return, you may find dead roaches, wipe them up. Wipe down tables and table tops.
  10. Do not wipe out cupboards. You may put contents back without fear of contamination.
  11. Allow 2 full weeks for complete control. What we spray does not penetrate egg shells, but is a residual which will kill the young roaches after they hatch from the eggs. Generally it will take up to two weeks for the eggs to hatch and/or for the larger roaches, which are hiding in inaccessible parts of the walls to come out and get in our residual.
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