Preparation for flea treatment:

  1. Have pets treated the same day.
  2. Vacuum all carpeted areas.
  3. Lift pillows on couches, chairs and vacuum.
  4. Remove vacuum bag, place in plastic bag and throw away outside.
  5. Pick up all loose articles (clothing, toys, magazines, etc.) off floors.
  6. Wash pet bedding or replace.
  7. Wash bed linens.
  8. Make arrangements for people and pets to be out of the residence for at least three hours after service is complete or until the material is dry.

Follow up:

  1. Wait two days to vacuum, then vacuum every other day for 10 days. Throw out vacuum bag after each use.
  2. It will take up to two weeks for flea eggs and pupae to hatch. Please allow this amount of time for control to be achieved.
  3. Put animals on a regular treatment program.
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