Preparation for bed bug treatment:

  1. Carefully remove bedding from all mattresses and box springs. Place immediately in a large plastic garbage bag and immediately launder and dry at high temperatures. Bedding that can not be laundered should be placed in a dryer on medium to high heat for a minimum of 30 minutes to kill adult bed bugs and eggs.
  2. All clothing in closets, dressers, etc. should be placed in a dryer on medium to high for 30 minutes, and then placed into a new, sealed plastic bags. Store the sealed plastic bags outside of the treatment area if possible.
  3. Place all loose personal items into large plastic totes or cardboard boxes and keep them in room(s) to be treated. This includes any items on or in shelving, dressers, cabinets, etc. of the rooms to be treated.
  4. Wash and dry all clothing and draperies in hot temperatures to kill any bed bugs living and breeding in your fabrics
  5. Medical equipment should be removed or covered with a plastic bag.
  6. The above preparation steps apply to all living/sleeping areas and items (e.g. bedroom, living room, upholstered furniture)
  7. Make arrangements for people and pets to be out of the residence for at least four hours after service is complete or until the material is dry.
  8. Purchase the necessary bed bug encasements.

Follow up:

  1. Wait two days to vacuum, then vacuum every other day for 10 days. Throw out vacuum bag after each use.
  2. It will take up to two weeks for bed bug eggs to hatch. Please allow this amount of time for control to be achieved.

Remember, bed bugs can be reintroduced at any point during or after a bed bug service. Be very cautious about bringing used furniture and other items into your home as these may be infested with bed bugs.

This process of preparation will need to be repeated prior to each service visit. A minimum of two services will be performed in your residence.

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